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NCG:Wreckfest FAQ’s

NCG:Wreckfest FAQ’s

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  • 1. How do i get the game?


    To get Wreckfest you need to have a steam account, once you are signed up to Steam you can download the game to PC ONLY (at the time of doing these FAQ's) from the following link...

    This can help you if you are asking the following questions:

    Where can i buy the game?
    Where to download
    Is is on console
    Do i need a steam Account


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  • 2. How do i get the Banger Mods?


    Bangers is a "Mod" for Next Car Game:Wreckfest and it does not come with the game, Sam223 has added a page on steam so you can subscribe to all the mods you need to play Wreckfest Bangers!

    This should answer most of the the following questions:

    Where is the banger mods
    can i play bangers on wreckfest
    Do bangers come with wreckfest


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  • 3. How can i play Bangers Online?


    To play OnlineBangers:Wreckfest you need to have all the mods that is in the above question and have them in the order listed on that page. Please see below for the link again and the order they MUST be in.


    UK Short Ovals
    Online Bangers:wreckfest

    This is the answers to the following questions 90% of the time:

    Why cant i play online?
    Why do the servers have a red X in them?
    Playing Online
    Servers not showing
    where are the banger severs


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  • 4. ERRORS


    'Client version or data does not match server's'

    You either have not installed the mods above,have too many/incorrect mods active on your mod list.

    Track loads but the cars are under the track - Make sure your mod list looks exactly like this


    UK Short Ovals
    Online Bangers:wreckfest

    These are the main reasons for the errors you find:

    Client version
    Do not match server
    Red X next to Servers
    Cars are under the track


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