PUBG Update The Test Servers

New Map, New Guns & New Vehicles


What? A New Update?

So, PUBG Corporation has released an update to the TEST SERVERS for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). This is not just a small update like many others, this update is showing things they have been talking about for MONTHS!
Just look at that pic to the left -That is the new loading map for the new full map Miramar!

There is a lot of room to move around the loading area and SO MUCH TO SEE! New objects to jump over and on, forklift trucks scattered around and all new textures. Some one has been busy it seams.
As they have also been busy with optimising the game, I have noticed a big FPS jump in the right direction after playing this map. We also have coming soon some feedback from a Twitch Streamer SkullyShot! check back to see what he says about it!

New User Interface

The New Screens

We have a new UI (User Interface) and i must say, it makes the game feel more finished. It looks more like a polished product and more professional. Some may disagree but just have a look at the pics above i’m sure you think the same.

You have a new main UI which is nothing like the old known UI that we are all used to and when I first entered the game my thoughts were, “OH WOW! You have forgotten a big function! WHERE THE HELL IS THE EXIT GAME BUTTON!” but I did find it in the end, it is hidden in the settings menu!  Click the little cog in the lower right corner and it brings up a ‘System Menu’ menu and in there is the Exit Game button.

We then have the new ‘CUSTOMIZATION’ Screen. When clicking this you have 2 options ‘WARDROBE’ and ‘APPEARANCE’. This looks a better way of sorting out your player, it is more focused on the player and not mixed in with other screens.

I caught a glimpse of  ‘CAREER’ menu at the top and thought can it be? Have they put in a new game mode where we can play offline, get better and not look such a fool being killed the minute you land? I hit that menu button to find out it is just your stats! I was disappointed to say the least.  There are leader boards but I wont go into that, as my name will most probably be propping up the rest of the table!

The last screen I am going to talk about is the ‘CUSTOM MATCH’ screen there is not much to see here as there are no servers online at this time but it does look more like an ‘Online Server Finder’ you see in 90% of the multiplayer games you find yourselves on.


New Map: Miramar


Torre Ahumada – Campo Militar – Tierra Bronca – Cruz del Valle – La Cobreria – Ruins – Trailer Park – Crater Fields – Water Treatment – El Azahar – Sun Martin – El Pozo – Monte Nuevo = Power Grid – Graveyard – Minas Generales – Impata – La Bendita – Pecado – Ladrillers – Chumacera – Los Leones – Puerto Paraiso – Minas del Valle – Valle del Mar – Minas del Sur – Prison – Los Higos

We now know the new map name and it’s Miramar. So, lets have a look around abit.
This map is so different to the last. IT’S BRIGHT!  Textures are great and they POP. It looks like they spent some time on normal mapping and thinking about how a ‘desert’ is meant to look; bright, open and full of rocks!

The Terrain
It’s bumpy, its very bumpy! This must be why they have put the new jeep in. It looks like the Jeep can handle it and you can also see for miles. The Blend mapping they have used make the sand-dirt surface look mega! WELL DONE DESIGNERS! For me, the crux of it comes down to the dead trees, it made me wonder, is this why the new map runs better? no more leaves! They look cool, very realistic.

The Huts – Houses
There are so many doors to open and there are some big buildings. I was in one and i got lost! I could’nt find my way back out! In another building, I vaulted out of the window and I was stood on a ledge! A LEDGE! WHAT?

All new buildings for this map have come with NO WINDOWS(that I have seen so far) so you can see this map has been made for vaulting!It makes me wonder if they are going to update the old map to support vaulting more?  The attention to detail in this new map with the buildings is great. So much to find and there are just loads more ‘cubby holes’ to find loot in and the detail of the outside of the buildings, just WOW! The brickwork and piping going around just make it all feel so much better. Don’t get me wrong, there is still room for improvement. For example; some textures look stretched or just tiled wrong but then again what game hasn’t. However, the casino, IMPRESSIVE reflective floor with nicely mapped tables. After playing this map, the old map is going to feel lame.

New Vehicles

We have seen there is 3 new vehicles, a VW Transporter, a new Jeep and a JetSki,

I say a JetSki it looks like an old, hanging, over warn and smelly Clog! I do hope they are going to put some sort of skin on it!

I saw images of this over the last few months and I have to say it looked so much better in the images then it does in the game, so slightly disappointed in that one and OMG IT IS SLOW AS HELL! If you find a hill you may as well get out and push it or walk (if you run you will overtake it) but don’t get me wrong, it is a new vehicle in game and looking at it are they going to make 6 player teams as there are more seats in there than needed for a 4 player team! Only time will tell.

Now this is cool! if you find a pickup, one of your team can sit in the back and look around locating loot and other teams. It handles this new terrain very well and is a whole lot of fun to go ‘off roading’ in. I can’t say much more about it as i do like it and can not find much wrong with it.

New Guns

I have seen 3 new guns in the test server and I have pics of them; a Win95, Sawed off Shotgun and a new Revolver!


Right so I know nothing about guns at all. All I know is this is a new hand gun and it loads faster and it can take a Red Dot sight.


Again I still know nothing about guns. Nothing has changed from the above text! it takes longer to load but a little quicker than the Shot Guns.

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