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This is a track pack for UK Short Oval Tracks.

**Please Note: Please DO NOT use my content in any other mod/track pack **

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Tracks included (This will be updated each time i release a new track)
Standlake Arena (FIXED Ai starting grid)
Taunton – Smeatharpe Stadium v0.1
Newtongrange (Fixed Surface Type)
Arena Essex v0.9 – Thanks to UKSOM for allowing me to convert the rFaxctor track and update it.
Swaffham – I have moved Swaffham from the old mod to this one.

Arena Essex Fixed!
Tracks Fixed after Feb 2017 Bugbear Update.
Standlake – Added starting Camera
Taunton – Made bends wider, edited straights – Edited Crowd – Edited Checkpoints so you do not lose a lap on the bends.
Newtongrange – Added Surface Type for the track to reduce the dust.

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